Microsoft Garage Internship

I created an internal website on a team of 6 developers and a program manager within the Microsoft Garage. I gained valuable experience and honed my skills in accessible and inclusive design, communicating across professional fields and experience levels, and user testing.

As the UX Design Intern on my team, my role included co-leading the concept development and user research with our PM, competitve research, sketching/wirefaming/prototyping designs, testing those designs with our audience, and finally collaborating with developers to implement the completed visual designs.

Unfortunately, due to an NDA I cannot share pictures or information about my project, but here are some pictures of my incredible team and me!

Chihuly Garden and Glass

"When you bring together passionate people in an environment that is both supportive and open to risk-taking innovation, it’s amazing what you can put together all while having fun in the process."

-Dominic Whyte, Software Engineer Intern

I aspire to collaborate with a versatile and diverse team on projects that are inclusive, comprehensive, and valuable.