web, visual design, UX, layout

Steam Powered is a gaming retail platform used to purchase and play games. The original interface is outdated and does not inform or attract the user when purchasing a game. As Steam is an edgy and popular site it should reflect this atmosphere in the design and serve the user effectively.



Class Project


10 Weeks


In my redesign of Steam, I chose to focus on the hierarchy on both the home and game description pages. In the current design there is no clear flow of information to lead a customer through the page nor does it provide a rewarding experience that promotes purchasing games. 



Visual Research → Sketches → Wireframes

Mood & Style


1. Featuring a game at the top to invite the user into the Steam experience. The picture should be large and interesting.

2. New games to steam as well as sales should be featured first because that is what users most often come to Steam for.

3. Games sorted by genre in a tab system.

4. Reviews are the second feature (after price) that users look at when interested in a game. They should be prominent in the hierarchy of the page.

5. Updates on the current Steam page are the first feature shown, but in reality are one of the least important.

Final Designs



This was one of the first UX projects I did, the scope was very limited as was my experience and knowledge. I would love to redo this project in the future because I think there is a lot of opportunity for improvement in the experience as well as the visual design.

I aspire to collaborate with a versatile and diverse team on projects that are inclusive, comprehensive, and valuable.